Attorney Lauren Wazevich Mishak Law

Lauren Wazevich, Associate Attorney at Mishak Law, brings a profound blend of empathy, expertise, and dedication to the firm’s Domestic Relations practice. Graduating summa cum laude from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Pre-Law, Lauren’s academic excellence laid a strong foundation for her legal career.

Lauren attended Cleveland State University Law School, where she distinguished herself as a clerk for a criminal defense firm. During this time, she contributed to drafting a brief to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that successfully overturned a District Court decision, showcasing her legal prowess and commitment to justice.

After passing the Ohio bar exam, Lauren began her professional journey as an Associate Attorney at a criminal defense firm, specializing in post-conviction litigation and appellate work. This rigorous experience honed her skills and prepared her for the multifaceted challenges of legal practice.

At Mishak Law, Lauren focuses on Domestic Relations, handling cases that range from divorce and dissolution to custody matters and protection orders. Her natural empathy and ability to connect with clients on an emotional level enable her to navigate these sensitive issues with both compassion and professionalism. Lauren’s approach ensures that clients feel supported and understood throughout the legal process.

Outside the courtroom, Lauren is an avid reader, traveler, and values spending quality time with her loved ones. She is grateful for the opportunity to blend her passion for psychology and law at Mishak Law, advocating for those who need it most and ensuring their voices are heard.

Lauren Wazevich’s commitment to her clients and her dedication to the legal profession make her an invaluable asset to Mishak Law, where she continues to provide exceptional legal services and compassionate representation.