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When you are up against criminal charges you need a strong, knowledgeable, tough, and seasoned defense attorney on your side. 


Defending your freedom and protecting your future are what Mishak Law is all about!


To get the best results you need the best representation – This is what Mishak Law does. Advocating for clients just like you in Lorain County and surrounding areas.

The Legal Team at Mishak Law cares about you and cares about the effect your Criminal Law case has on your family and your life. We will listen closely to your needs and return your phone calls promptly. 

Criminal Law Practice Areas that Mishak Law specializes in include:




Whether it is in court or behind the scenes with judges, prosecutors, and police, Attorney Mishak uses his over 15 years of experience, his dedicated legal team, and his rock-solid persistence to fight hard for you.

You may have been charged with a crime, but that does not mean you are guilty. Mishak Law will fight for your freedom and your rights.


The Legal Team at Mishak Law provides step-by-step guidance for your legal matters.

Helping clients who believe nothing can be done for them is Mishak Law’s specialty because you deserve the best! 


Make Sure Your Freedom & Rights Are Protected. Contact Mishak Law Today.

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