Matt was the best help I’ve had!

Matt was extremely helpful in my case. He took time to break down all information and explore every option. He got me into Veterans Court and helped me get my life back on track. Six months later I’m doing great and still keeping in touch with him updating him on my life! I’d recommended him to anyone!!


Best Deal Possible!

Matt isn’t one to beat around the bush. Especially when you make a mistake like an OVI. He takes the time to listen to your thoughts and concerns. He then coaches you up on what is in your best interest. I was blown away by his thoroughness to get me the best deal possible involving my case. I would recommend anyone Matt Mishak. Good guy and great attorney. Thank you again for everything from family to you.


Felony charges for minors

Matt is personable, sincere and hands on. Genuine interest in his clients. We were up against the school system with charges against a minor. Matt being on the prosecutor’s side for years was a plus for this issue as he had firsthand knowledge of what to expect from the other side having prior work experience with this.

Charles D.

Excellent advocate

Matt has represented me in a number of cases. He listens, is always well prepared and provides excellent advice. My most recent case was dismissed with Matt’s help.


Great lawyer and very nice

Very kind and understanding. He put a lot of time and energy into my case got me a better deal then I feel most lawyers would have. He is very smart and professional and is a good person to meet and know.



I had a complicated legal problem and was facing 2 felonies. I needed legal representation. I knew I wanted to retain Matt Mishak. I went to High School with Matt. Back in High School Matt was a problem solver. Matt would work tirelessly and relentlessly to solve problems. Graduating Law School at the top of his class and a former Prosecutor, this was the kind of lawyer I needed in my corner. Matt is very knowledgeable about laws and the legal system. He kept me informed of the process and his strategies every step of the way. Needless to say, Matt won my case for me. I am very grateful to Matt and I would highly recommend his services.


Outstanding, I’m Very Pleased

I went to Matt looking at 2 driving under suspension charges in two different cities and a speeding ticket. Looking at at least 6 days mandatory jail, up to a year total, 14 points on my license and $2,000+ in fines. I was scared.

The speeding ticket was dismissed, the first DUS he got resolved for about $100 and no points and the second DUS was $150 and 2 points.

Matt was cool, calm, and collected through it all. Matt made me feel secure. He kept me informed on his strategy, what I needed to provide him and what the consequences on everything were. I was legit in dark place and a tight bind; he got me out. I will go to him in the future should I ever need a lawyer. I do recommend him for you, and will to others in my life.

Thanks again Matt!


Professional – Personal – Passionate – Patient

Professional: I was recommended to use Matt from a bailiff. Also, it turns out through some conversation we share a close mutual friend. Matt did not use “home field” advantage with me. He still treated me like this was a business relationship, not a sealed deal just because we shared such a close friend. Additionally, he is easy to access via e-mail, text or to just stop by his office and drop off paperwork. His office hours seem reasonable and can accommodate later scheduled appointments.

Personal: Matt knows how to communicate well. What’s Greek to you (unknown) about law will be explained step-by-step to you during the process.

Passionate: You can tell when someone is just doing their job versus when they’re truly passionate about their profession. Matt has a vast amount of knowledge & the skill set to apply it where it matters; in the courtroom.

Patient: If you have questions, feel free to ask! He’s not watching the clock and you’re not going to feel rushed. What you may feel is redundant, Matt will make it feel like you just asked the most important question. You’ll realize, what’s important to you is important to him.

About my case: It was unique to say at least, I was falsely charged with an OVI due to a medical condition that went undetected at the scene. Matt knew from the start the plan of attack that we should go. When bumps came down the road we didn’t deviate, and my trust never faltered in his vision. Today I’m happy to say what could have an almost guaranteed suspended/restricted license is a dropped OVI charge; only a measly $50 failure to control ticket remained. Aside from willing in the courtroom, he helped recommend me to the correct people who are working with me in taking control of my medical condition.

To Matt: Thanks for your efforts, I appreciate it.


Knowledgeable and very precise

Matt represented me in a potential DUI/OVI case and reviewed all the evidence on both sides for me and I ended up with a very favorable result. The key to his great quality of work representing me was his experience as both a prosecutor and an attorney. Knowing both sides of the fence gives you a definite advantage in court. I was very pleased with him and his expertise and professionalism.

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