Outstanding, I’m Very Pleased

I went to Matt looking at 2 driving under suspension charges in two different cities and a speeding ticket. Looking at at least 6 days mandatory jail, up to a year total, 14 points on my license and $2,000+ in fines. I was scared.

The speeding ticket was dismissed, the first DUS he got resolved for about $100 and no points and the second DUS was $150 and 2 points.

Matt was cool, calm, and collected through it all. Matt made me feel secure. He kept me informed on his strategy, what I needed to provide him and what the consequences on everything were. I was legit in dark place and a tight bind; he got me out. I will go to him in the future should I ever need a lawyer. I do recommend him for you, and will to others in my life.

Thanks again Matt!